Frequently asked questions

How much do basement remodels typically cost?

Basement remodeling projects depend on a host of variables including:

How long do projects take?

Again, it really depends on the scope of the work. The majority of our projects are 800 – 1400 square foot basements and they average 4-5 weeks for completion. This includes complete permitting process, stocking lumber, construction – completion including clean-up. Add in a bathroom or home bar, and it could add an additional week to 10 days. Our goal is to build out your basement with the same quality and care as the rest of your home. Finishing your basement is just like building the first floor of your house (minus siding and roofing), but we have extra steps like ceiling obstructions, staircase modification, and several ceiling mounted can lights. One thing we will promise is that once we begin your project, we work as quickly as we can to complete your basement. We will not start multiple projects and leave yours partially finished, or take extended breaks to work outside in warm weather. Check our references… we work as quickly as possible without taking shortcuts, or compromising quality.

What about the poles?

Support poles are typically found in every basement and are used to carry the structural weight load from above. As the basement is viewed in the unfinished stage, the poles seem to be the most noticeable “eye sore” in the basement, but there are several options on how to hide the basement poles.

DRYWALL or Drop ceiling?

The option is up to you the customer, in most cases the ceiling height, ceiling obstacles, and existing basement configuration will typically dictate drywall or drop ceiling. In most situations there is a combination used to provide the best look and function.

Egress Windows do you do do them ?

Egress windows are required in every “habitable” basement regardless of having a sleeping room or not. This includes all basements with living spaces.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of basement panel systems?

We do not offer basement wall kits. There are many basement wall systems on the market that compete with traditional wall construction. Each “basement kit company” seems to promote their products the same way – by promoting misleading information that traditional wall construction promotes mold growth, followed by a hard-close “buy today and save money”. Most basement panel systems are franchise owners with limited construction experience that purchase territories across many counties.The kits are designed to be the easiest and quickest way for franchise owners to make money, not add beauty and value to your home. The wall panels can be installed by using minimum wage laborers, not professionally trained carpenters. Listed below are some common sales gimmicks and ways to promote fear used by some basement wall panel and kit companies.


“Traditional construction in the basement promotes mold growth”.

If you are experiencing moisture of any kind, it needs to be corrected before any basement finishing is completed. Your basement and entire home, should be moisture free before any construction occurs. If moisture is present on block walls, or poured foundations, you will continue to have problems regardless of what type of wall finish is chosen. Health problems associated with interior mold have been widely exaggerated according to many published reports.

Can I do part of the project myself?

Yes, many of our customers participate in their project. The most common homeowner contribution is painting and finishing. Other customers are more adventurous and take on the trim as well. We offer line item pricing so this is a simple process, but remember it’s always cheaper to do it right the first time.

What about access to my home during construction?

We ask for access to your home during normal business hours but we are very flexible. In some cases we will work on Saturdays to keep a project on schedule, or to stock materials for the next phase of construction.

Do you work with employees or subcontractors?

We use both. Budget Basements is a licensed, bonded (as needed) and an insured General Contractor. The majority of the work in your basement will be completed by Budget Basements. We use certified subcontractors if a licensed electrician or plumber is needed. We have developed this combination of core crew members and a tightly knit family of subcontractors over the course of many years that has proven to be the fastest and most affordable solution to complete our clients basement remodeling projects.

Companies that use all subcontractors can have major delays if the next crew is not ready to immediately follow it’s predecessor. The same thing can happen with smaller companies that try to handle all facets of a large projects by themselves. Each trade requires unique tools and supplies and small companies trying to do everything tend to move very slow preparing themselves for a new phase of the project. Our system has been proven over many years.

Do I need to pull a permit?

Yes permits are required, you do. Many other contractors will tell you it is not required, but it is. This is one of the most difficult issue you will face from some other contractors. Fire blocking, hand rail requirements, new electrical codes, treated lumber and many other factors are taken into account when considering a basement to be habitable. We only work with permits because we stand by our work.
Ultimately, you the homeowner needs to make the final decision. We encourage our customers to understand the penalties and risks and make the best decision for their projects.

What warranty do you offer?

We offer a “no excuses” 18 month warranty on our work. Equipment manufacturers are responsible for their products and performance, but should anything need replaced, we can help with replacements, just give us a call.

Will you supply proof of insurance, and contractor’s license?


Do you have references in my area?

Upon presentation of any written estimate we can supply a 3 page reference list. U may contact any of the individuals on this list. We do host pictures of our work however here on our website for you to view for yourself.

What about access to the shut-off values and other items inside my new drywall?

We always allow access to important items located in the basement ceiling area and walls.

What if a pipe breaks?

If a water pipe fails, there will be damage to drywall and ceiling tiles that will have to be repaired. Most damage would be covered by your homeowners insurance.